Who is personal training for? Everyone! You don't have to be a member of the class workouts to participate in  1 on 1 training. 

For a boxer looking to sharpen their skills and work on minor adjustments this is a great way to improve. All the attention is focused on the boxer and the details that are sometimes quickly addressed during clan can be focused on in detail. This will take your skills to the next level.

It is also great for MMA fighters looking to improve their stand-up game. This is a great option.

For those looking for a workout but don't want to necessarily compete, we also have this option available. The coaches will work drills and exercise your full body to help you get fit and healthy. It is a fun and relaxing environment. Even if you just want some mitt work, this is the perfect class.

Come talk to our coaching staff to go over details. The classes are affordable so don't hesitate to ask.

Personal training

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