Running Shoes

cdm's run 4 fun

RUN 4 FUN, is a youth program inspired and designed by the Coaches of CDM Youth & Wellness Center.  This program is designed for youth and prevents childhood obesity and promotes a healthy lifestyle.  It teaches nutrition, fitness, exercise and various components in the sport of running as well as structured discipline.


Are you ready to Run 4 Fun? Running isn’t just for exercise.   It’s healthy, but it’s also a blast! Especially when you find your groove while running in your new Saucony shoes, make new running buddies, and start to see real progress soon.


Hey, did you know that running can help make you more awesome at other sports? . . . including boxing!!! 



RUN 4 FUN will launch soon, in the fall of 2020.  The mission and goal of CDM staff members are dedicated to serving youth in the community.

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